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Glaciers carved steep slopes for thousands of years along our present day waterways, and this rugged topography gives our area its hilly terrain and picturesque appeal. It also means that many waterfront lots can be located on steep slopes. For these situations some WaterHaven owners install special incline trams to take them down a bluff. The tram owners travel from their parked car above to their house below - or sometimes just from their house above to their beach below - so as to provide easier access than a steep switchback trail.

Tram access properties can be wonderful for those willing to "ride" to their home or their beach. Some tram WaterHaven owners love the transition from the "rest of the world" to their own personal haven. The distance from streets above, and the solitude away from neighborhood noise, can be incredibly relaxing. Others feel uncomfortable on the devices (even though a number of very effective safety devices have been developed over the years) or they do not like the few minutes it takes to get back and forth to their car or home. That's part of what makes Puget Sound waterfront great: there's something for everyone!

Trams are definitely an unusual part of our Pacific Northwest topography and natural love of the water. As a result, some of the best tram companies in the entire country are located here.

You can contact the following companies at the links below for additional information:

Hillside Elevator, Inc.


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