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Photographs are a great way to see our wonderful waterfront. There are some very interesting public sources that show WaterHavens up close (very likely including your current or future one!), local history, and the visuals of our coastline.

Waterfront totem pole

Department of Ecology Shoreline Photo Viewer This is a wonderful resource for current and future Puget Sound WaterHaven owners. Between 1992 and 1997 the DOE acquired over 10,000 photos of the entire 2,500 miles of Washington's marine salt water shorelines. If your house was around then and is located on salt water, you have an aerial view of your home and surrounding neighborhood here, easily found just by clicking on some maps! They also share photos from the 1970s and 2000s.

Google Earth This is the web's most interesting satellite image website/application by far, including great scrolling images that can be "flown" over with 3D topography overlays.

TerraServer Satellite, aerial, and topographical elevations, all searchable by property address or maps.

Space Needle Webcam Get interactive real time views of the Seattle downtown waterfront, Elliott Bay, West Seattle, Magnolia, and Lake Union.

Kokogiak Media's Seattle Waterfront This is an interesting and gee whiz way to show two views of the entire Seattle waterfront around Elliott Bay, taken 95 years apart from the same vantage point and overlaid on top of each other with modern interactive technology. Check out the four different ways to view the changes of time; I especially like the "Hand Slider" version.

Bohonus VR Photography Interactive 360 degree panoramas from many waterfront and famous locations in Seattle and surrounding cities.

King County Snapshots Historical photographs of ships and waterfront scenes around Seattle and King County.

Seattle Photographs Stock photography of waterfront scenes and communities around the Seattle area.


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