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For Current WaterHaven Owners

You may not be currently looking to sell or buy a WaterHaven, but you are living in a WaterHaven? Great. I wouldn't want to leave mine either!

Please consider WaterHavens.com to be your single best information resource for waterfront property owners in the Puget Sound region, and come back often for frequent updates and information that affects your daily life. You can do all of the following here, and more:

  • Make fun plans around our many public waterfront events
  • Get up to date news and information regarding waterfront communities, policy, and environment
  • Learn simple things you can do to be a steward of your own land and care for the wonderful natural resource that you live on; you are the marine environment's first line of defense!
  • Look at aerial photos of your home
  • Participate in personal activities and hobbies that you can enjoy from your own WaterHaven
  • Read books about the WaterHavens lifestyle
  • Stay abreast of the market and what's happening in your local area (see "Info & Listings" section, on left)
  • Get access to company resources that provide waterfront-specific services (see "Resources" section)
  • Relax and explore...

And of course please contact me any time with questions or a need for waterfront-related assistance. I love talking with fellow WaterHaven owners, and you don't have to be a buyer or seller for me to enjoy talking and helping you. That's just being a neighborly part of the WaterHavens community!

If you should know of anyone wanting to sell or buy a WaterHaven, please send them to WaterHavens.com and encourage them to sign up for the informative WaterHavens Newsletter. Also, I am very appreciative of your direct referrals of people to me. I promise I will take exceptional care of them and completely validate your trust.

Enjoy your WaterHaven, and enjoy WaterHavens.com!


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