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Magnolia Waterfront Real Estate (Seattle)

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Magnolia is truly a trophy neighborhood of Seattle. A wonderful combination of fine homes and quiet neighborhoods with the convenience of being so near downtown Seattle. It's waterfront views are truly some of the best in the region, ranging from westerly views of sunsets over the looming Olympic Mountains, to warm southerly vistas over the port traffic of Elliott Bay, and around to the magnificent day and night spectacle of the Seattle skyline. In some places, you can even see all of the above, including sunrises and sunsets! Walkable beaches surround the neighborhood and front most of the waterfront homes, and Discovery Park provides a great day trip area for more waterfront with it's trails, lighthouse, and interpretive programs.

There are a wide range of homes and styles in the neighborhood, ranging from old fixers to multi-million dollar estates. Prices tend to be on the higher side for Puget Sound homes due to the quality neighborhoods, terrific views, and excellent location. Geotechnical concerns can be worked around with proper upfront planning and site inspection.

If you're looking for one of the best and most beautiful neighborhoods anywhere, definitely consider Magnolia.


Seattle Overview

Seattle is the largest city in Washington state, located along the eastern shore of Puget Sound on Elliott Bay. Seattle is a major deep water shipping port, a direct supplier to Alaska, an expanding home base for advanced technology, and a primary trading partner with Pacific Rim countries. Local employers include Microsoft, Boeing, REI, Nordstrom, Weyerhaeuser, Eddie Bauer, Starbucks, and Amazon.com. Seattle is home to medical facilities of worldwide renown, and excellent schools of higher learning, including the University of Washington and its fine research facilities. Established in 1851, Seattle’s population is now around 570,000 people. Population of the greater metropolitan region exceeds 3,300,000.

Seattle shipyards and city skyline

Downtown Seattle is filled with vibrant experiences, elegant shops, magnificent new stores, fine restaurants, art museums, live theater, performance halls, and all major sports arenas. The red brick buildings of Pioneer Square historic district frame its unique boutiques and galleries. Pike Place Market is renowned for its bustling aisles of fresh produce, arts & crafts, colorfully displayed seafood, espresso stands, and fragrant foods from around the world. Stairways lead to lower level shops and on down to the import stores, restaurants, aquarium, ferry dock,tour boats, horse drawn taxis and clanging streetcars along the waterfront.

Seattle and surrounding cities are served by a network of major freeways and arterials. Local bus routes are enhanced with Park & Ride lots at major freeway interchanges providing free parking, and express busses have frequently scheduled routes in and out of town. Sea-Tac International Airport is located alongside I-5 halfway between Seattle and Tacoma. The islands and peninsulas in and across Puget Sound are served by the largest ferry system in the United States, with 25 vessels carrying 26 million annual passengers to 20 different ports of call.


Seattle's Other Neighborhoods

Seattle has many defined neighborhoods that have very distinctive flavors of their own. Fremont - "The Center of the Universe" - is an eclectic enclave of spirited people and a fanciful arts scene. Belltown is known for its trendy urban lifestyle and "happening" city lifestyle. West Seattle and Alki Beach provide wonderful view backdrops for rollerblading, beach walking, bicycling, and outside dining. Refined residential neighborhoods such as Laurelhurst, Madison Park, Leschi, Mt. Baker, and others provide for many great neighborhoods to call home. And up and coming neighborhoods in Beacon Hill, Central, Columbia City, and Rainier Valley provide in-city homes at affordable values.

Seattle waterfront

Housing varies from contemporary condominiums and high-rise apartments downtown to the older homes of in-city neighborhoods, generally built between 1900 and 1940. There are unique colonies of houseboats on Lake Union and Interbay. The Pacific Northwest is timber country; homes are primarily built of wood, with brick used as an accent material. The hilly nature of our topography provides expansive views of water, islands, the rugged Olympic and Cascade Mountains, and 14,410 ft Mt. Rainier. Air conditioning is not typically needed in this mild climate.


Seattle Schools

The Seattle Public Schools system provides a wide variety of schooling options for its many diverse neighborhoods. Private and parochial schools also exist throughout the city. The college scene is dominated by renowned University of Washington, and it's huge number and breadth of programs has a lot to offer both students and non-students alike. There are also many very good community, technical, and associate degree colleges from which to choose.

Seattle's University of Washington


Seattle Parks and Recreation

The Seattle Parks system is truly exceptional and has been in the making for over a century. Waterfront parks and scenic trails are available at the breathtaking Discovery Park and Golden Gardens Park on Puget Sound, peaceful Magnuson Park and Seward Park by Lake Washington, and small picnic parks on the downtown waterfront. The famed Arboretum awaits anyone with an appreciation for trees, plants, and pleasant strolls. Green Lake Park is a popular place for people to congregate, exercise, or just have an ice cream cone in the summer. Neighborhood parks and p-patches (community garden space for residents) are also within walking distance of many homes throughout the city.

Seattle ferry in Elliott Bay


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