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Inspections for Your WaterHaven

With any home sale, professional inspections are important for both buyers and sellers. Sellers can use pre-sale inspections to head off potential negotiation problems with buyers and also to present their home in the best possible way with the least worry to someone interested in purchasing their property. For buyers, inspections are even more important to ensure that major systems are in good working condition and have an acceptable remaining life span to them.

Normal real estate inspections include a house inspection, pest inspection, and sometimes separate inspections (if needed) of specific house systems such as roofing, electrical, septic, etc. Much rarer inspections include radon testing, indoor air quality testing, asbestos testing, soil analysis, property line surveying, arborist assessments, and other options.

WaterHavens have their own particular features which sometime warrant geotechnical inspections or underwater inspections of piers, pilings, and floating home floats. Underwater inspections are performed by divers trained to look for wood rot, infestations (gribbles and other organisms), pre-existing designs needing improvements, components needing replacement, erosive undermining, and such. As we work together I will provide you with recommendations from my extensive contacts for all of these professionals and more.


Windermere Real Estate and Summit Properties NW

Windermere Real Estate and Summit Properties NW

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