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Geotechnical Information for Your WaterHaven

Due to thousands of years of glacial cutting action through our main waterways, many WaterHavens in the Puget Sound area are located on or near steep slopes. With proper inspection, drainage, and construction practices, potential geotechnical issues can be mitigated in these areas, plus the waterfront benefits and views from these properties can be truly spectacular.

Through my years of waterfront research and experience I have become familiar with things to look for when viewing new homes on the water, including their geotechnical characteristics. However, I definitely recommend hiring a professional geotechnical engineer for a complete assessment if it is a potential concern for my buyers or sellers.

Also, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and there are many small straightforward projects that any homeowner can perform which will significantly help the overall stability and quality of their steep slopes. These efforts generally include proper water drainage, planting specific types of native vegetation that have soil-stabilizing root structures, and good retaining wall or bulkhead design (if needed).


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