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Books About WaterHavens

There are great books out there that provide ideas for your current or future WaterHaven, let you see how others interpret their WaterHaven lifestyle, or provide relaxing reading for admiration and day dreaming. Here are some suggestions for your bookshelf. You can find all of these, and many more, at The WaterHavens Store by clicking here:



Living at the Shore

Beach Cottages by Haike Falkenberg (editor), Ana Cristina Canizares, Alejandro Bahamon

Beach Homes by editors of Fine Homebuilding

Beach Weekend Homes by Cristina Montes and Paco Asensio (editor)

Coastal Retreats: The Pacific Northwest and the Architecture of Adventure by Linda Leigh Paul

Cottages on the Coast by Linda Leigh Paul

Essence of Seashore: Beautiful Inspirations for the Home by Andrea Spencer

Family Houses by the Sea by Alexandra D'Arnoux and Jerome Darblay

A House on the Water: Inspiration for Living at the Water's Edge by Robert Knight and Randy O'Rourke

Island Living: Inland Retreats and Shoreside Havens by Linda Leigh Paul

On The Living Edge: Your Handbook For Waterfront Living (BC Edition) by The Living By Water Project

Seaside Interiors by Diane Dorrans-Saeks (editor) and Angelika Taschen (editor)

Seaside Style by Diane Dorrans-Saeks

Waterfront Homes by Joaquin Rossell (editor) and Fransisco Asensio Cerver

Waterfront Retreats by Ana Canizares

Waterside Living: Inspirational Homes by Lakes, Rivers, and the Ocean by Leslie Geddes-Brown and Jan Baldwin

Lakeside homes


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