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About Scott Price

Waterfront and Water View Specialist

Multi-Time Winner 5 Star Real Estate Agent by Seattle Magazine

Ahoy! I grew up living around the water, with many cherished family memories of everyone together sailing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, fishing, throwing summer barbecue parties, and getting a few sunburns. In adulthood, my love of the waterfront lifestyle, the outdoors, and nature has always brought me back to where land meets the sea. My first waterfront home purchase was a condo, and then I enjoyed starting restoration of a Seattle area Puget Sound waterfront beach house. My most recent personal completed project has been building my home on 9.5 acres of Puget Sound waterfront. I literally smile every day I come home to these WaterHavens.

My objective is to share with you my enthusiasm and expertise for the Puget Sound area's Waterfront and Water View Real Estate. There are many options for many different kinds of people, and the variety keeps my job very interesting. As a full time Realtor, I get to help people achieve goals that go well beyond just bricks, mortar, and paperwork: real estate represents people's personal homes, and that in turn represents their values, lifestyles, jobs, relationships, and priorities.

Rainbow over Puget Sound

Prior to becoming a full time real estate broker, my experience base perfectly set me up for the hectic pace and long hours of being an energetic, proactive real estate broker. Besides doing real estate investing and property management, I have also directly worked as a marketer, freelance writer, professional gallery photographer, project manager, creator of advanced technologies, team manager, and even an international diplomat. All of this has combined to make me the most well rounded real estate agent you're likely ever to meet, and the one most ready to represent you and any situations that we'll experience together as I enable you to achieve your Waterfront Real Estate Goals.

For both buyers and sellers, I go far beyond the usual offerings of most agents/brokers. I of course provide all of the market research, marketing skills, buying strategies, detailed selling methods, advertising vehicles, networking, process coordination, and experience that the best agents provide. However, I set myself apart even further by having focused and in-depth knowledge of the Puget Sound waterfront marketplace that few - if any - can match. I also provide a strong command of new advanced technology methods of generating sales, obtaining buyer leads, and using all of the tools available in concert all at the same time. In addition, I have an absolute passion for continuous and proactive communication and coordination with my clients, making us truly a team and ensuring that you are truly informed of all the steps I will be performing for you. I pride myself on being a diplomatic manager of all the complicated processes and people involved throughout the purchase or sale of real estate. Leave that job up to me, that's why I'm here for you! Think of me as your ready and able captain, where you own the ship and chart the course.

As a part of ongoing education and keeping up with the latest information and trends that are so critical to waterfront and water view properties, I go far beyond the minimum education requirements of most agents and pride myself on my in depth and up to date knowledge of our local real estate markets and processes.

Moon setting over moored boat on Puget Sound

When selecting someone to represent you in all of the intricacies of waterfront and water view real estate, ask them if they actually live on the water themselves. Do they understand Critical Area Review processes, eagle nest radius restrictions, working with the Department of Ecology, and bulkhead requirements? Do they know how to get financing or underwater inspections for floating homes? What are requirements for rebuilding or building new docks? How do they provide comparables for walk-down or tram access properties? What are geotechnical considerations on steep slopes? How do beach rights, beach privileges, easements, tidal ownership, and shared lots work? What are the important differences and key needs for selling waterfront properties as compared to regular non-waterfront properties? How do you care for the waterfront environment around your property? What are the best waterfront values and what are things to look out for?

I can handle all of those topics, and many more, to ensure that your sale or purchase of a waterfront home is a successful and enjoyable experience. Hire a professional specialist! Waterfront living is truly a wonderful experience, and I will enable you to achieve all of your Waterfront and Water View Real Estate Goals.


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